• The O-AT-KA Advantage…Priceless!

    One of the privileges that I have as Executive Director of O-AT-KA is the opportunity to talk and share with numerous Alumni, Parents, Campers, and Friends. They speak fondly and reverently of the Camp’s past, its present, and its future. The praise of O-AT-KA falls into several categories discussed below:

    1. O-AT-KA allowed me to grow-true to myself. There is not a cookie-cutter blueprint for success at camp. There are many paths to nirvana and unconditional support of the campers and staff to grow in the direction of their true passions and beliefs. Thus, you see cabin-mates and best friends – one an outstanding athlete, the other a tremendous artist – each supporting each other’s growth and dreams. An oft repeated phrase is O-AT-KA allows me to be my true self.
    2. I have many friends, but my closest friends are from my time at O-AT-KA. Present campers return opening day and immediately renew friendships from the previous summer. The beauty is that each summer the circle grows with new boys added to the mix. It never ceases to amaze me that Camp is a close-knit community that is completely absent of cliques – thus the growth of unconditional life-long friendships. The unity and bond that the alumni speak so lovingly.

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      • Dennen Week

        January 1, 2014

        Dennen Week is a special one week program for boys grades 6-10 at Camp O-AT-KA in Sebago, Maine. It is a week of regular camp, with normal camp activities, but is held for those that would otherwise be unable to afford camp tuition. The Dennen Week Program is modeled on our founder’s original vision of […]