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    Nicaragua Service Program 2017

    This five-week program for young men ages 14-16 is to serve a dual purpose.

    1. To have an in-depth service experience in a developing country.
    2. To be exposed to a new culture and make a difference in the lives of others.
    3. To also be able to enjoy a summer camp experience at Camp O-AT-KA on the shores of Lake Sebago.

    The Program: Campers will either spend the first four weeks (or for second session campers four weeks sandwiched around the Service Week) at Camp O-AT-KA in Sebago, Maine participating fully in the rich life of the O-AT-KA summer camp program. As a part of that program, specifically for this group, they will receive daily instruction in the language, culture, and needs of the community in which they will be working. Language and cultural instruction will be conducted by a qualified, experienced service professional with direct experience in Latin America.

    The last (or middle) week of the program will involve travel to Somatillo, Nicaragua where the campers will home-stay with a family and work on a service project in the community that helps support a sustainable agricultural system in the community. The campers will be hosted by the City of Somatillo as well as former O-AT-KA counselor and Peace Corps volunteer in Nicaragua, Conor Tong, who will be with them throughout their entire stay in Nicaragua.

    The Cost: $8,000 (0r $10,000 for 7 week campers) all-inclusive (campers must obtain their own passport in preparation for the trip).

    PLEASE NOTE: This program is currently on hold due to the Zika Virus epidemic. For further information or to reserve a future place in this exclusive program, please contact:

    Kyle Tong, Executive Director
 Camp O-AT-KA