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    Many of O-AT-KA’s signature programs are based in the arts. Campers explore the world of their senses and develop skills in expressing their understandings through art.

    Studio Art: Studio Art will introduce texture, perspective and composition at first, and will provide each camper with the skills needed to create great sketches. Campers will use pencil, charcoal and oil pastel to create still life, landscape and portrait drawings. Open to Middlers and Seniors only.

    Arts & Crafts: The types of activities offered in Arts and Crafts are endless. Campers of all ages and skill levels enjoy projects from tie-dye to sand arts. The arts and crafts studio is a fun and lively space!

    Drama: Campers play theater games, create mini-skits to perform informally or at camp gatherings and learn miming techniques.

    O-AT-KA Builders: Campers work with our carpentry director and assist with building projects around camp. Campers feel ownership in the facilities of O-At-Ka by building bird and bat houses, painting fences, fixing dining hall benches and working on projects to make the camp more eco-friendly.

    keyboardMusic: Campers bring their own instrument and spend the summer collaborating and jamming with fellow musicians! Campers in music craft perform in the end-of-session concert, Password and Sunday services.

    Photography: Campers learn to use a 35mm camera and take black and white photos. Campers learn to compose, shoot, develop, and print their own photos in the darkroom.

    Printing & Graphic Arts: Printing and Graphic Arts will allow campers to express their artistic sides. Starting with linoleum block printing, campers will learn how to utilize space and color to create vivid and colorful prints. Moving into graphic collage, campers will use construction and magazine paper to create a mosaic image. Finishing the craft with silk screening, campers will learn to use a silk screen and Diazo Photo Emulsion to create their own, personalized t-shirts. Open to Middlers and Seniors only.

    Pottery: This is an introductory craft which teaches campers to make pinch, coil, and slab pots, sculptures and wheel thrown pots. Campers practice their skills on five electronic wheels and then personalize their projects with a wide array of glazes. Our large kiln brings projects to a close. Campers also play Sculpturades which enhance their ability to work with clay.

    Rocketry: This is an instructional craft where students learn to build their own rocket design from scratch or from a kit. Campers enjoy painting their finished rocket and launching them skyward!

    Stained Glass: This craft introduces campers to the basic skills of stained glass. Campers learn to choose and study various types of glass, cut and grind glass, become skilled in handling a soldering iron, and produce a finished piece. Safety and skill building are focuses in this craft

    Steel Drums Campers learn to play this popular Caribbean instrument and participate in the end- of-session concert.

    Woodworking: Campers choose from newer building projects such as building DownEaster boxes and cutting boards to our camper favorites including making pens, puzzle boards, birdhouses, clocks, and more! Not only do campers learn the aesthetic value of woodworking but learn the practical skills of using various building tools safely.

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